Peculiar Eyeliner/ Delineado Peculiar

EN/    Peculiar Eyeliner

One of the reasons why I am writing this blog is at the same time I express myself, I can share thoughts and ideas with people around the world, specially my loved ones back home. The Internet is today the most important communication tool, and for me (as well as to other people living abroad), it enables to feel closer and still part of the life of people who are really, really far away.

My best friends encouraged me a lot to blog, gave me suggestions and everything. One of the suggestions was to include videos of myself talking about whatever the theme the post is, but the other day they send me a peculiar suggestion. They wanted me to record a “Cat Eyeliner Tutorial”. I am not a makeup artist, and I don’t have much knowledge with moving image, specially recording myself, but I decided to give it a try for the fun of it and to feel closer to those friends, and them close to me. So here it is, in Portuguese only. I may try to include subtitles one day.

PT/   Delineado Peculiar

Uma das razões pelas quais eu estou escrevendo este blog é, ao mesmo tempo eu me expresso, eu posso compartilhar pensamentos e idéias com pessoas de todo o mundo, especialmente os mais queridos na terra natal. A Internet é hoje a ferramenta de comunicação mais importante, e para mim (bem como a outras pessoas que vivem no estrangeiro), permite a sentir-se mais perto e ainda parte da vida das pessoas que estão muito, muito longe.

Meus melhores amigos me incentivaram muito com o blog, me deram sugestões e tudo. Uma das sugestões era para incluir vídeos de mim falando sobre qualquer que seja o tema do post, mas outro dia elas me enviar uma sugestão peculiar. Elas queriam que eu gravasse um “Tutorial Delineado de Gatinho”. Eu não sou maquiadora, e eu não tenho muito conhecimento de vídeo, especialmente gravar mim mesmo, mas eu decidi fazer uma tentativa por divertimento e me sentir mais próxima dessas amigas, e elas de mim. Então aqui está, em apenas Português. Um dia vou tentar incluir legendas.

Is Facebook your friend? / O Facebook é seu amigo?

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Pinhole photo of a computer / Foto de um computador tirada com uma pinhole

EN/   Is Facebook your friend?

This year I questioned myself about the way we collect friends on Facebook, and what are the real importance of keeping them. From long time ago, I’ve always been the type that deletes people who I added because I met through a friend or colleague, but did not remain in my life. But now I took it to another level.

I began to question myself why I still had those classmates, I barely spoke at school, and had  acquaintances who only saw twice in his life and all of them I never really cared (and neither them) to stay in touch. So I started to “clean up” my friend’s list, passing through filters that I created, such as:

– Have I talked with this person over the past 5 years?
– Have I met that person in the last 3 years?
– How many times I met that person after we first met?
– Was s/he part of some important moment of my life / my childhood?
– Do we have common interests or am I against the ways that person thinks and acts?
– Do we maintain some kind of virtual contact (likes, comments), even if we do not talk a lot?

According to the answers I delete or keep the person on my list, it seems very simple but sometimes by external influences I can’t get rid of a few. These are either someone present in my best friends, partner or family’s life. I realised that would be “rude” if I delete that person.

Something that bothers me a lot is to know that many people keeps me in friends list for imagining that one day, they may need me for something. Well, if you keep someone in your Facebook friends list thinking this way, you need to rethink what friendship really means.

If by reason of work contact, opportunities of whatever the purpose, for this they invented LinkdIn! People, make a profile on LinkedIn, the idea is to have there people whom you only have professional interests and that are not part of their circle of friends and neither are part of your personal life.

Especially for me Facebook has always been a very important tool to keep in touch with people who are far away. It’s the easiest way to group friends and family, share photos, ideas, events and messages in a way that everyone can see it. So I consider it something very intimate, and over time I’ve been noticing my selectivity about the content I share there. There were moments that I stopped myself from sharing for worrying about what people would think.

But hey, shouldn’t I have just people who knows me and won’t judge me? I noticed that I did not want to share my life with certain people, and so I started to use that filter.

Another measure that I’ve taken was to get some people I didn’t want to see their 10 selfies a day, 15 religious messages, and other stuff like that in my news feed, in a filter Facebook created called “Acquaintances”. When you put them there, you do not see their posts so often. And by contrast, I gathered my best friends in the list called “Best Friends” as Facebook prioritises posts from this list in my feed. There are a few more other tricks I use, but it would make another post here. If you are interested to know them, comment here and I’ll do another post.

I have also noticed my friends expressing the same questions by commenting:

“Honestly, for me I would delete all, would leave only 50 Facebook friends, I don’t like so many people seeing everything I post.”

“I need to do a clean up, a lot of unnecessary people”

“I have X person on Facebook just to laugh at what X posts, very ridiculous”

“Would rather not post this, not to cause discord”

We have control of selecting who we have, who sees what you post, etc. It’s all about using Facebook and tools to make it a healthy and positive experience, not a vain and futile circus exhibitionism, or a timid and neutral presence that makes the idea of being in a social network lose its meaning.

Tell me what you think about it, if you have been through the same situations.
Do you use these filters and tools?
How has your experience on Facebook been?

PT/  O Facebook é seu amigo?

Este ano eu comecei um sério questionamento sobre a forma que colecionamos amigos no Facebook, e qual a verdadeira importância de mantê-los. De tempos há tempos eu sempre fui do tipo que deletava as pessoas que havia adicionado por ter conhecido através de um amigo, ou colega, mas que não permaneceram na minha vida. Só que agora eu levei isso a um outro nível.

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