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The idea that a structured family seems perfect, conflicts of other families that aren’t in this group stipulated by society, how they differ and crossover came to my solo mental discussions. This made me choose “The Nuclear Family and its Conflicts” as my project’s theme in May 2013.

Having this theme in mind, I wanted then to use my creativity and an appropriated process to make a visual work based on my comments, analysis and critiques.Through this work, I wanted to show how we are led to stereotype certain types of families, what activities are linked to family members either nuclear or not, the good and bad all with some kind of sense of humour.

To be able to make thoughts visual with more facility to manipulate details, I imagined that using Image Appropriation would match perfectly with my work, not only because I can mix varied imagery and materials, but also because I have experimented it by making collages previously to communicate my ideas in an artistic way.

When making collages, the process of gathering imagery and materials is very important, so I used all the magazines and leaflets I had as source. Other materials like, cardboard, sugar paper, chocolate papers/package and unwanted prints were used to certain details and support on my compositions. It was very important to have an idea in mind, it prevented from getting stuck when choosing images. Having it, I started looking only at relevant things linked to family relationships and activities, related objects and text to support. The decision to make collages gave me the flexibility to play, move and change images and their meanings, juxtaposition, cover and hide, all in a very detailed way to express my critiques on the theme.

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Seven collages were produced for this portfolio as an outcome, and each one has its individualities, details and messages to the viewer:

Collage 1, I tried to illustrate what society determines a “Real Life” or “Real Family” should look like, by referring to family admission tickets formed of 2 adults and 3 children. Visually, I mainly used a family photo in a frame, a museum’s leaflet cutout of the family pack price and “Real Life” text.

Collage 2, is inspired on a magazine’s article about domestic violence against women, telling that scalding coffee was splat on her by husband. Visually, I used their photos, and played around with word cross, coffee mug and biscuits as scenario for the violence, “Coffee Break” as text.

Collage 3, is about a family together having fun, showing that differently to Collage 1 real family, there are other families and structures. Visually, I used golden bars as pillars under iron structures where the family is playing, which signifies that they depend on the structure to keep harmony and economical comfort.

Collage 4, shows an other side, represented by a single/divorced mum, who needs to take care of kids, home, work and her own all by herself. Visually, I added her many arms holding different objects each signifies different activities, a halo made by an architectural image was positioned behind her head, referring her as the ideal mum, even under disadvantaged conditions, as “Madonna and Child” painting, a Saint or super mum.

Collage 5, is based on the idea that well structured families are more likely to offer more comfort and extra activities to their kids. Visually, I created a hyperactive girl with ballet shoes, ballet tutu made with chocolate paper and swimming glasses, in a bedroom.

Collage 6, is inspired on what I noticed with people I know with more stability, for this reason they spend more time and money to get involved with decorating their rooms as a nest that will last for a long while. Visually, I collected different coloured stripes put together, as well as classic textured wallpaper, lace and decorative flags. Traditional frames were put over them to show that they are on a wall; the collage is on a wall.

Collage 7, is a reflection to Collage 6, which was my view on other people’s rooms. Now looking at what I think about my room and life, the feeling that I am always about to move elsewhere once again, I never decorate my room, which makes it look very plain. Visually, I made a frame of spray paint to show how little my room is personalised; it also gives a clue that it refers to a room as it has 4 sides. Spray tins on the side to show that I have the will to be able to put more of myself on the walls. Binoculars looking at stars stuck on them, to signify my dreamy and creative personality that is not always materialised as decoration, but kept in my mind.

Working on this project helped me to translate my thoughts, analysis that I don’t share too often into a visual work, being selective with relevant images that could work with my theme, practicing composition in a tactile way, make my own decisions to manipulate how I wanted the final image to be, adapt not so obvious materials to be part of the context. Overall this project taught me to express myself in a different medium, using different tools and materials to communicate what I have to say.

PT/   Família Nuclear

A idéia de que uma família estruturada parece perfeita, os conflitos de outras famílias que não estão neste grupo estipulado pela sociedade, como eles diferem e contrastam veio em minhas discussões mentais. Isso me fez escolher “A Família Nuclear e seus conflitos”, como tema de meu projeto em Maio de 2013.
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