Athens/Atenas 2015


Acropolis at night/ Acropolis de noite

EN/   Athens, March 2015

PT/  Atenas, Março de 2015

One of my biggest childhood dreams was to visit Athens. I’ve always loved studying about ancient Greece in school and fascinated me to imagine one day to be there and see Temple of Olympian Zeus.

When we finally went there last year, the modern city surprised me, I felt at home with the similarities with Brazil, with the receptivity of the Greeks and the wonderful cuisine. We arrived just in time of the rain welcoming the Spring, the weather was pleasant besides getting wet.

The first adventure was to choose a cake having with no idea of its flavour.
Talking to a bartender we got to try traditional drinks such as Raki and Mastiha.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.25.45

It was a delicious chocolate caramel coffee cake / Era um delicioso bolo de chocolate com caramelo e café

PT/ Um dos meus maiores sonhos de infância era conhecer Atenas. Sempre adorei estudar sobre a Grécia Antiga na escola e me encantava em imaginar um dia estar lá e conhecer o Olimpo, Templo de Zeus.
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Six Cities with Polaroid/ Seis Cidades com Polaroid


My temperamental Polaroid/Minha Polaroid temperamental

EN/   Six Cities with Polaroid.

In 2013 I went for holidays back home in Brazil, during the months of July and August which is “winter” over there. I planned a couple of trips between my hometown Santos in the state of Sao Paulo, and 2 other States. In total I stayed in 6 different cities, and in each I took a Polaroid photo. I will show them all here!

PT/    Seis Cidades com Polaroid.

PT/ Em 2013 eu fui passar as férias no Brasil, durante os meses de Julho e Agosto, que é “inverno” por lá. Eu planejei algumas viagens entre a minha cidade natal Santos, no estado de São Paulo, e 2 outros estados. No total, eu fiquei em 6 cidades diferentes, e em cada uma eu tirei uma foto com a minha Polaroid. Vou mostrar elas todas aqui!
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Brighton, March 2015

EN/  Brighton, March 2015

Last year we ran away from London for a night in Brighton to see the sea.
It was cold, windy and rainy, but still beautiful.

I was born by the seaside, and now living around 8 years in London that I realize how much I miss the sea. Brighton’s beach is far from being similar to my hometown’s, Santos. It has rocks instead of fine sand, not much waves, no palm trees or gardens by it. Still, the aroma is the same, and that seems to be the main essence.

Here is a nostalgic post, no other apparent meaning for it, except the photographs.

PT/   Brighton, Março 2015

No ano passado, fugimos de Londres para uma noite em Brighton para ver o mar.
Estava frio, ventoso e chuvoso, mas ainda bela.

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Above the clouds/ À cima das nuvens


EN/ Above the clouds

With time and the number of flights that I took on trips , I matured a thought. I took off in a variety of weather conditions, but always in times of rain and wind is when I think about the most.

Can be day or night, here on the surface of the Earth we suffer the climate variations, which sometimes disrupt our routine and others affect our emotional. The rain gives boredom, cold sadness, when it is cloudy gives discouragement and heat, laziness.

Sometimes this causes real obstacles to complete our commitments, discouraging us . The same happens when we have real problems, contretemps that prevent us from continuing a project, organising a trip, to exercise or study .

But watching the plane taking altitude on rainy and cloudy days, I noticed that there is a cloud layer in this part of the atmosphere , which in the first 20 minutes of flight you have to throughout. That’s after the crossing that the plane gets stability, by starting tilted up, and then straightening up. Going through this layer means feeling some more swings and sometimes turbulence.

It’s amazing to see that we go through clouds, rain and wind and to gain stability and altitude, to get the view of the carpet of clouds below. That’s when I feel really calm and a relief at this point when I can see that it’s sunny and the sky is clear.

With the frequency of flights, every time I have this experience and with it came this metaphor for life. We all go through a layer of clouds, a probationary period and setbacks that teach us and lead us to our goals eventually.

The Sun, (or the Moon ) , have always been there , illuminating and making their role in the universe. It has always been there , and would again be seen as soon as the clouds passed and we were ready to enjoy them, when the setbacks are overcome.

PT/   À cima das nuvens

Com o tempo e o número de vôos que peguei em viagens, vim amadurecendo um pensamento. Já decolei em variadas condições meteorologicas, mas sempre em tempo de chuva e vento é quando mais penso nisso.
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EN/   Necrotourism

PT/   Necroturismo

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 20.09.57

Glasnevin, Dublin

The term “Necrotourism” refers to getting to know cemeteries, tombs, mausoleums and etc, abroad in new cities you visit. You might gave this interest due to their architecture, Art, sculptures, or even because there are iconic figures of history, literature, music and so on.

Would you be interested in doing that?
Would you be able to walk normally around graves?

When I first got into this, I wasn’t even aware it was a practice. When I travelled to Venice in March 2011, I got to know there is an island called San Michele which is taken entirely by a cemetery. I took a ferry there and went exploring, and what a peaceful place away from tourists and Carnival celebrations.

PT/ O termo “Necrotourism” refere-se a conhecer cemitérios, túmulos, mausoléus e etc, no estrangeiro, em novas cidades a visitar. Você pode ter esse interesse devido a sua arquitetura, arte, esculturas, ou mesmo porque há figuras icônicas da história, literatura, música e assim por diante.

Você se interessaria em fazer isso?
Conseguiria andar normalmente entre túmulos?
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