Joiners By Me/ Joiners Por Mim


Imaginary Arch/ Arco Imaginário

EN/   Joiners

Joiners are made of  a group of photographs that overlap on each other or put in a grid format in order to recreate the original image. Variations of scale can be used to make it more creative, 3-dimensional or surreal. In other words, it is almost like a puzzle you can create yourself. Here I will show some Joiners I produced.

David Hockney is the photographer known to be the creator of the “Joiner” technique. He did them out from entire landscapes, portraits of people and objects. I first researched him when I was in college as part of a photography project. At university I again looked at his work and produced more joiners.


PT/ “Joiners” são feitos de um conjunto de fotografias que se sobrepõem umas sobre as outras ou colocados num formato de gradre de modo a recriar a imagem original. Variações de escala pode ser usado para torná-lo mais criativo, 3-dimensional ou surreal. Em outras palavras, é quase como um quebra-cabeça que você pode criar a si mesmo.
Aqui vou mostrar algumas Joiners eu produzi.

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